About Us

Living Together, Working Together and Growing Together

Tiphereth is an independent Edinburgh-based Camphill community for people with learning disabilities and other support needs. We have three residential care homes, a wide variety of day services and a social enterprise (Tiphereth Trading).

Our vision is to integrate the holistic nature of Camphill with the requirements of delivering an outstanding care service.

We believe we achieve this through creativity, flexibility, understanding, learning and adapting in a rapidly changing society. Emotionally, people (with or without learning disabilities) feel secure in a community where they know they belong. By living, working and growing together everyone at Tiphereth can experience a sense of belonging, making a meaningful contribution and enjoying lifelong learning.

Tiphereth is a place where fun, work and care go hand-in-hand.

Read more about What we offer, and Background Information on Tiphereth's structure and procedures. You can also read about our fundraising plans, and how to support and donate to our development projects here.

Contact Us

Main Office Telephone: 0131 441  2055

55 Torphin Road,  Colinton, Edinburgh, EH13 0PQ