Day Service
Living, Working and Growing Together

Day Services

Our Day Service supports our members to engage in meaningful work activities, and achieve new practical and social skills. We believe meaningful work to be important for each individual’s personal growth and development. Shared purpose and a sense of achievement awaken confidence and creativity in us all. With the right level of support from our experienced co-workers, everyone is able to contribute, and everyone is valued and appreciated.


We currently have four working groups:

The May GroupPentland GroupGarden Group – Peregrine Group

The May Group

Artistic and design work in The May Group


The May Group is Tiphereth’s indoor day service group with a focus on arts and craft activities. Working with a variety of traditional and modern crafts, such as weaving, felting, paper-making, painting or print-making members are able to develop their creative skills. The group showcases and sell their work at Tiphereth’s annual Summer Fair.
Alongside artistic activities there are regular music groups where members can participate in singing and with instruments, learning rhythm, breathing techniques and group dynamics.
The group run a kitchen workshop where members assist in preparing tea-break and lunch-break on a daily basis. This work includes chopping fruits and vegetables, preparing trays and developing more complex cooking skills.
Pentland Group

Woodwork, basketry and environmental work in The Pentland Group


The Pentland Group members works on a number of practical woodworking activities including making furniture, signs and smaller object in their purpose built workshop.
Green woodworking and basketry skills are learnt and developed in their beautiful green woodwork shelter Dragonfly.
Members of the group also help with litter picking, at two sites in the Pentland Hills, in partnership with Pentland Park officers. They are also visible out and about in Edinburgh delivering firewood and compost for our social enterprise projects.
Garden Group

Gardening, composting and plant cultivation in The Garden Group


The focus of work in the Garden Group is the care of Tiphereth’s large community garden. This includes maintaining the vegetable garden, flower beds, wildlife areas and poly tunnels and provides a rich opportunity for learning a vast array of gardening skills.
Members of the group learn to seed, cultivate and harvest the plants they care for. Here as in all of our groups, members are able to complete Borders College Skills Accreditation qualifications at all levels demonstrating their increased knowledge and skills.
The Garden Group also focus on the weekly green waste collection around Colinton village. This work is carried out on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council and members make collections from over 550 houses every week. They are well known in the locality where Tiphereth have been providing this service in Colinton since 1996.
Peregrine Group

Practical voluntary work with partnership organisations


The Peregrine Group offer outdoor based opportunities for members to engage in a variety of practical tasks such as growing vegetables, path-building, tree planting, limestone walling, and other conservation work.
Working in partnership with other community organisations such as churches, Pentland Park officers, conservation trusts, and other voluntary groups members contribute their time, skills and effort to make a difference in the local community.
With experienced staff the pace of work is adjusted to the support that many members need. Over time members can accomplish a considerable amount and can be proud of their achievements. The group is much appreciated and respected by our partners and members of the public we meet while out and about.

Applying for a place in Tiphereth Day Service

The best way to find out if Tiphereth might be the right workplace to join is to contact us and arrange to come and visit. Sometimes whole families come together, sometimes just one person for an initial visit. If you, or someone you know, is looking for a meaningful, creative work setting with support, please contact our office 0131 441 2055 and ask for the Day Service Manager. Alternatively you can complete the form below. A social worker will usually be involved in helping with funding arrangements and transition, but with Self-Directed Support or if you are funding the placement yourself, you may choose to make independent arrangements with us.