Coming soon - Supported Living Flats

Our next project is the renovation and extension of the former Torphin Hill Golf Club, to provide six supported living places for adults with learning disabilities and other complex needs. This Capital Building Appeal is for £622,000.

Please contact us for more information on this exciting new development, or donate here. Thank you.


Greenkeepers Barn Update

Tiphereth acquired in 2014  the spacious Greenkeeper's Barn at nearby Torphin Hill Golf Club (renamed Hoyland Hill after our founders).

Fundraising for this development is now complete, having successfully raised over £100,000 to renovate the barn. Thanks to all who supported us.Greenkeepers Barn 9

Our woodworking Pentland Group moved into this wonderful new space in Summer 2016 and we had a small, official opening with funders in October.  This move has allowed the group to review the focus of their work, with the needs of less physically able members in mind, and has resulted in 6 new Day Service opportunities in an area of high demand.