The May Group

Artistic and design work in The May Group


Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 10.26.54The May group is Tiphereth’s indoor day service group focusing on mainly arts and crafts activities. They work on a variety of traditional and modern crafts, such as weaving, felting, paper-making, painting or print-making. They present and sell the work of their members both at the annua
l Summer Fair and at the local Steiner Christmas Fair.
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Beside the artistic activities there is a regular music group taking place in most afternoons. Here members learn about instruments, rhythm, breathing techniques and about group dynamics.





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The May group also has a kitchen workshop where members assist to prepare tea-break and lunch-break on a daily basis. This work includes chopping fruits and vegetables, preparing trays and many of the members know how to contribute to the more complex parts of cooking.