Day Service

Living, Working and Growing Together


In our Day Service we support our members to engage in meaningful work activities, and achieve new practical and social skills. We believe meaningful work to be important for each individual's personal growth and development. Shared purpose and a sense of achievement awaken confidence and creativity in us all. With the right level of support from our experienced co-workers, everyone is able to contribute, and everyone is valued and appreciated.

We currently have four working groups:

Applying for a place in Tiphereth Day Service

The best way to find out if Tiphereth might be the right workplace for an individual is to contact us and arrange to come and visit. Sometimes whole families come together, sometimes just one person for an initial visit. If you or someone you know is looking for a meaningful, creative work setting, with support, please contact our office (0131 441 2055) and ask for the Day Service Manager, or complete the form below. We are usually very full, but opportunities do arise. A social working will usually be involved in helping with funding arrangements and transition.


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