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Care Inspectorate

The Care Inspectorate is one of eight regulatory bodies interacting with Tiphereth and is our main inspection agency. Tiphereth is committed to surpassing the National Care Standards that the Care Commission works to. Regular inspections are carried out and the results can be found at Part of this inspection is to give Tiphereth a grading against the standards being inspected. Copies of our most recent reports can be found by clicking on the links below:

Torphin House & Bluebell Cottage

The Hollies

Day Services

Tiphereth Annual report and Accounts

Each year Tiphereth produces a full set of audited accounts and annual report. You can read some of our recent accounts below -

2013-2014 Accounts

2012-2013 Accounts

Ethical Investment policy

Tiphereth is committed to ethical investment, and our Ethical Investment policy can be found here.

Guiding Vision Statement

Every two to three years Tiphereth updates its Guiding Vision Statement. It is a process that involves everyone in the community, including members, parents, carers, staff and Council. Find our latest GVS here.

Policies and Procedures

Tiphereth has about 50 policies and procedures which explain how we run the community. These are constantly reviewed and updated and new policies are added as needed. If you would like to access one of these policies or procedures please click here and Tiphereth will forward you an e-copy.

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Camphill movement

Camphill is an international movement in 23 countries. It has a long rich history since its founding in Aberdeen in the 1940’s. For more information on Camphill history go to Each Camphill community is autonomous and works together on shared tasks. Camphill has a number of associative structures to assist it in its work.